With the Siena Diamond Nails System you simply polish a thin coat of gel glue onto the nail as you
would apply polish and dip onto an Acrylic Polymer powder, which is specially formulated to bond and
set together. This method does not dehydrate the natural nail and thus promotes continued health
and growth. Unlike Acrylic and Gel nails, the Siena Diamond Nail System eliminates the need for
primer and liquid monomer. The result is a lighter, more comfortable feeling for the client.

Siena Dip Powder - 2 oz. DDN2401
Siena Dip Powder - 4 oz. DDN2402
Siena Dip Powder - 14 oz. DDN2403
Siena Gel Brush On Glue 0.5 oz. DDN2500
Dominique Siena Gel Glue 1 oz. DDN2497
Dominique Gel Bonding 2 oz. DDN2496
Dominique Gel Bonding 8 oz. DDN2495
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Dominique Gel Bonding 16 oz. DGB16