IBD Precious Metal Collection

IBD Precious Metal Collection

IBD Precious Metal Collection
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Product Description

Experience the rich, metallic inspired palette that beautifully radiates warmth and texture for a stunning look sure to catch any eye. From the effervescence of Rose Gold to the luxuriousness of 24K, finding a color in this gorgeous collection that suits your taste is like taking a trip to the jewelry store. Dazzle the crowd and make your mark with nails that radiate pure style.

Apply over tips, acrylics and gels or natural nails for added strength.

- Shimmering vibrant colors
- Rock-hard nails no chipping or peeling
- Each application lasts for two weeks or longer
- The perfect addition to any polish section

Kit Includes: Six 0.25 oz. Gels, 0.25 oz. Intense Seal, 1 oz. Cleanser Plus, 0.25 oz. Bonder, and 5 Nail Wipes.

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